Mixed-age Groups

Mixed-age groups are the ideal platform for learning responsible behavior and mutual respect. Everyone is at some point the smallest or the largest, sometimes the strong or the weak, the person seeking help, or the helper.

Take Children's Questions Seriously!
Children need to be taken seriously in their interests. Together we embark on the search for answers and thus develop a love of learning, understanding and discovery.
Comprehending the World

Children learn by using all of their senses to perceive things. They feel, smell, and sometimes taste new things. In our kindergarten, these experiments are desired and even encouraged, as it provides an important basis for a differentiated imagination. Here our children will get dirty, and wet or have sticky hands, in this is the only way they can understand their new world.

I Can Do That Myself!

Whether it is getting dressed by themselves, buttering a bread, wiping up something that spilled, or setting the table - children want to do everything themselves. And that's good because they learn the first steps to their own independence.

What Are You Doing?

Curiosity drives us to discover new things and to understand them. In our kindergarten, curiosity is encouraged!

I Trust You!

Children want to handle real objects. With us will be real baking, planting, cooking and slicing with a knife – through which we also promote their own projects.

Children are Creative!

Children need freedom to paint, craft, play music and invent new characters. They pursue their own ideas, find ways to solutions, and let their imagination and creativity run wild. Our kindergarten offers them the space and time to do so. Here the children can express their creativity. Their imagination knows no boundaries, and through it the child can develop and implement their own ideas. Creative activities bring this into reality.

Music is in the Air!

We will be singing music, learning songs, playing and experimenting with instruments. In many different projects we use music as children have rhythm in their blood.

Be Outside in All Types of Weather

All children like this. Children should learn about their environment and be allowed to investigate it. Even a puddle can sometimes become an object of study. Excursions in the neighborhood and surrounding areas are just as much about learning as how to play on the nearby playground. Should the weather become too extreme, we also have the option of using the gym.

Movement Education

Movement is important. Not just to burn off excess energy and to stay in shape, but also for the gross and fine motor skills as well as balance. Targeted and free activities in the gym and during garden time are an important part of the everyday kindergarten experience. This includes not only different sports, but also rhythmic movement and balance parkour.

Time to Play

Playing is fun! The children put their heart and soul into their work and develop endurance and stamina. Therefore our Kindergarten provides the necessary freedom for it. Together they plan and implement, find compromises and form friendships. Game on! In addition, the children form their own selves when they play, as it is an important foundation for the development of personality. They play and learn in the prepared environment without stifling instruction from the guides as the adults watch the game being played or ask to be included as a playing partner. The guides help in conflict situations, with the integration of other children, or to help in the implementation of various games. Different areas in the activities allow the children to deal with the things that they feel are important.

Mathematical Education

The mathematical education in our institution is not the same as the teaching of mathematics in school. Mathematics is everywhere in our daily lives. It is counted, compared, sorted and classified. By using numbers everyday in the kindergarten, we learn to distinguish the characteristics of solids, patterns, figures, measurements, and pouring through various activities. Time, handling of money and also recognizing the difference between near and far, what is in front, behind or next to something, where is the right and left, up or down, etc. The children also learn proportions, shapes and materials. How many cups of water fit into a liter? How much flour do I need for a cake? How many steps do I need from one end of the room to the other? Mathematics is everywhere, and we set off in search of finding it. Through these exercises, we provide all the basic building blocks of mathematics.

Language Education

We encourage the children in their fluency and expressing of themselves through stories, rhymes, finger plays and songs. You, as the parents, are also a big part of our daily routine. Engaging books will be both viewed and read, and discussions of current issues are encouraged. Preschoolers learn with us the first letters and words.


In our kindergarten, children learn the English language through an immersion process, which means that the language is spoken by at least one consistent caregiver in the child's daily life. In each group, there is an English educator who reads, speaks, sings, discusses, comforts and helps with the children in their own language throughout the day. Initially, the children of the new language will be skeptical, but after a short time they overcome their fears and live naturally through both languages. Several kindergartens and schools are already working on the immersion method and achieve amazing results. Without the stress of learning vocabulary through a rout program, the children take to the second language with pleasure. Soon English songs are sung at home or listening to English stories are asked for. All of this takes place during the normal kindergarten and requires no additional support from the parents.

Religious Education

In our kindergarten, the main Christian festivals are celebrated. But the traditions of other religions will also be discussed, celebrated and explored throughout the kindergarten year.


On different days of the week, specific workshops will take place in the afternoon exploring various topics. These are designed according to the needs of children and include an artistic, motoric, creative and rhythmic emphasis.


One of our priorities is a special program for our preschool children. The last year in kindergarten is a very special one, and with this year there are many questions about letters, numbers, school, and everything that goes along with it. We will be visiting schools and meeting with school children, talking to teachers and learning how to behave while at school. Learning about traveling on the bus, getting the correct exercise books and trying on school bags are just as important as learning about numbers and letters. Those who wish can construct their own school cone with the involvement of the parents. Perhaps we can even take a look at what comes after school and see what happens when Mom and Dad go to work. Many adventures and experiments are waiting for our school children on their way to a new life.

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